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Where is Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Breshad Perriman?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Breshad Perriman hasn't taken a real live snap in an NFL game in his career. Not even a preseason game. All this is due to the PCL injury he sustained on the first day of training camp this past July.

From the beginning that it was learned that Perriman sustained a knee injury in July all the way through now, things have been quiet. Annoyingly quiet.

I'm not one of those people who are angry at Perriman. If you get hurt, you get hurt there is nothing you can do about that.

I'm also not one of those people who are ready to call Perriman a first round bust. That's way too premature to say such a thing. Once he gets on the field (and he will) and contributes, people over time can come to whatever conclusion they want. I still have high hopes for Perriman.

But I have to say, this story is so weird and I can't recall seeing a situation like this with this organization since I have been following the Ravens since 1999. Everything about this story feels so quiet. Usually you would hear things every now and then about a status of a player who is dealing with a week by week injury.

Perriman isn't on injured reserve like outside linebacker Terrell Suggs is. We know Suggs can't come back this season so there really isn't anything to talk about on that front.

Perriman isn't on the physically unable to perform list (PUP) like tight end Dennis Pitta is. And Pitta has been available to the media to talk. Perriman hasn't been available to talk to the media in how long?

There's just so many unanswered questions about Perriman. But before this season is over, one way or another the Ravens are going to have to talk about him publicly with real answers and not vague ones.

With this disappointing season, the only thing that would make this year for the Ravens a little bit positive is if Perriman can play and play extremely well. That would be a positive to look at into next season while the Ravens look to upgrade the wide receiver position again after Steve Smith Sr. retires.