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Steve Smith, Sr. Injury: has "four broken bones in his back"

Can we just have nice things for once?!

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Update: We just received a press release from the Baltimore Ravens about the health of wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.

Ravens Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations Kevin Byrne:

"While the Ravens do not give specifics about injuries out of respect to the men on our team and HIPAA laws, we want to dispel rumors and stories currently being reported about Steve Smith Sr.'s injury. He does have a back injury. It is not a surgical issue. His status is currently week-to-week."

Not only did we receive the news that Michael Campanaro suffered a herniated disk last night, but Steve Smith also didn't walk away in one piece. Per Aaron Wilson, Steve Smith broke four bones in his back. His status is very much unclear at this point, but is being described as "day-to-day" by some sources. It is worth noting that Smith once played through a broken neck, but this is certainly a setback for the receiver in the twilight of his career.