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Ravens own the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

This season is about as weird as it can get. Seriously, before the season got underway, Kyle Barber and myself had mentioned on the Baltimore Beatdown Podcast that this was a team that looked Super Bowl ready. It would take injuries to derail the season.... Sorry to jinx it everyone. At nearly the halfway point of the season, the Baltimore Ravens have the top pick in the NFL Draft if it were to start today.

Let me say that again. If the 2016 NFL Draft were to start right this minute, the Ravens would be on the clock first. Don't believe me? Let Matt Miller beat it into your head

The Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens are currently tied with the same record at 1-6. The tiebreaker in this scenario is the strength of schedule, which apparently the Ravens win according to Miller.

With the Ravens facing off against a San Diego Chargers team that leads the NFL in passing while the Lions face off against a Kansas City Chiefs team that looks pretty beatable, the Ravens could be lengthening their lead for the top pick in the Draft.

I swear that if that happens, you will be seeing a hell of a lot of Draft talk around here.