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The Ravens 2015 draft continues to fall...

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens draft was a home run back in April. The Ravens organization, the analysts, and the fans all unanimously felt that this was one of the better drafts in the NFL. Yes, some did not like the pick of Perriman in the first round, and some of the later players like Tray Walker were unknown.

But Maxx Williams some 20 picks after his projected range? Carl Davis in the mid third round when he was considered a late first rounder at best and a second rounder at worst? Dreams come true. Players like Walker, RB Buck Allen, 6th round WR Darren Waller, depth OG Robert Myers, and TE Nick Boyle all fit various needs for the team.

Through the beginning of training camp, first round pick Breshad Perriman looked like what was expected: Good size, great speed, but the occasional drop. Maxx Williams made some nice plays. Davis and Waller both showed flashes of raw skill and athletic ability.

Then the first shoe dropped. Breshad Perriman was out with an injury, undisclosed time frame. It became weeks, and weeks has become months since then, although he did re-aggravate the knee during warm-ups in week 5 before the Bengals game. Perriman is still out, and the Ravens have had to rely much more on journeymen Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown, not to mention trade acquistion Chris Givens and returner Jeremy Ross.

The second shoe was the injury to Maxx Williams, who is week to week right now with an ankle injury. While he will likely be back soon, he has been banged up several times this season, and battled various injuries.

What of the rest of the draft class?

3rd rounder: Carl Davis has looked like the best pick of the draft, and has performed admirably all season long

4th rounders: Javorius 'Buck' Allen had his best game of the night on Monday night, and was more successful than Forsett as a receiver and had several big runs.

Za'Darius Smith has shown a solid pass rush ability, and has been getting on the field regularly behind Courtney Upshaw.

Tray Walker left the past game with a concussion, and has not practiced this week

5th rounders: OG Robert Myers did not make it out of training camp, and is currently on the practice squad

TE Nick Boyle has looked good as a blocker and a receiver, and has outplayed Maxx Williams to this point

6th rounder: Darren Waller has not been given as much playing time as he should have been, as Marlon Brown has hurt this team with drops all season long. Waller has been a special teams contributor so far this season, but he was just put on injured reserve yesterday with a hamstring injury.

So to tally: 4 currently injured, 1 cut, 4 contributors. Out of the 4 contributors, Carl Davis has been a high level contributor, and the other 3 solid backups.

Not what you want to get out of a draft class, even if they are still rookies. Let us hope they can all come back from their injuries this year and justify their draft position and their roster spots.