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Ravens vs. Cardinals Final: Defense Report Card

Where the team struggled

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Defensively how bad was Baltimore? In my opinion, not very. There was a couple 'wonky' plays that made the Ravens collapse, but the team wasn't supposed to keep this even close. Cardinals were expected 9 point favorites. I had them winning by 16+.

The Secondary:

Will Hill III: A

Jimmy Smith: C+

Lardarius Webb: C-

Brynden Trawick: D+

Baltimore clearly needs to lock Will Hill up in a contract ASAP. The man is holding together three to five other defensive backs kicking and screaming to any hopes of a 4th down. Jimmy was slightly above average, and Webb was worse than he's been playing as of late. Trawick did what we all expected.


Elvis Dumervil: B+

Courtney Upshaw: D

Za'Darius Smith: D+

C.J. Mosley: B+

Daryl Smith: C

The worst pass rushing 3-4 linebacker in the NFL is Courtney Upshaw, and that sure as hell didn't change on Monday Night. Za'Darius Smith's rookie season isn't going well at all for either camp. Elvis Dumervil did his damndest to be successful, and with 5 pressures against the NFL passing yards leader Carson Palmer did his job.

Mosley in run coverage did his usual abilities, and a good sack helped the team. Daryl Smith is showing more and more age every game. This unit did the same as the secondary; one, maybe two players trying to pick up the entire slack of the squad.

Defensive Line:

Chris Canty: B

Timmy Jernigan: B+

Brandon Williams: B-

Lawrence Guy: C

The Ravens line seemed to play well this game, as Canty brought about 5 tackles, 3 for no gain or loss. Timmy Jernigan bringing 3 QB hurries. This squad did very well. Brandon Williams has a bad PFF score this week, but I believe it to be the garbage call allowing Chris Johnson the big run. Williams is being schemed around at this point, and the lack of production from outside linebackers not named Dumervil don't help take off the pressure.


This team simply was beaten by a better squad, and the penalties didn't help. The team didn't make the splash plays when necessary, and the coverage mixed with no pass rush enveloped the loss, just like before.