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Ravens vs. Cardinals Final: Offensive Report Card

Some really good, some really bad

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens offense was a sprinkle of good mixed with terrible. The main negativity this season being consistency has continued once more into Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals, and here is the breakdown.

Joe Flacco: B

A statline of 65% completion with 252 yards is nice, 1 TD 1 INT isn't bad. We'd all hope for more endzone celebrations, but Flacco was trying to pass against a very stout Cardinals defense. I had Flacco throwing under 200 yards in my prediction. I also had 2 interceptions. Flacco played very well, and considering his supporting cast did great. If not for a bad play call from Trestman in the redzone Flacco may have had 2 TD's & 0 picks. Oh well, the story goes. But in PFF Flacco had his first positive rating on the season, and 9th for last week. This loss is clearly not on him.

Offensive Line: D (Yanda: B+)

Flacco needs time to throw against a good secondary? Better get beat by old man river Dwight Freeney single handedly- Eugene Monroe

Terrible play from Monroe, Ricky Wagner, and Kelechi Osemele. I didn't see anything good or terrible from Zuttah, and as always the super hero Yanda blocked damn well as often as physically possible.

Justin Forsett: C

Running behind a terrible playing offensive line gave him no help. Forsett had nothing to work with. This running game isn't dependent upon the player, but the offensive line he is running behind. Forsett isn't Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson. He can't break five tackles and sprint through nothing to create something. He needs gaps, and his vision leads him to excel.

Javorius Allen: B

The better back last night in my opinion. I know his sample size is small, but the three carries he participated in accumulated 25 yards. I was impressed by the rookie.

Crockett Gillmore: B

Making a heroic catch from nothing, and playing like a vital receiver almost came through to tie the game. His talents are only growing every game he is healthy to play.

Nick Boyle: C

Good blocking, and some critical catches. Stats aren't everything, and the big man showing great improvement in this game. A terrible false start makes me take the letter down, but his next play converted the 2 point conversion. I'm enjoying watching Nick become a bigger threat to the opposition.

Wide Receivers: D

Steve Smith Sr. A

Kamar Aiken: F

Marlon Brown: D+

Chris Givens: B-

Jeremy Ross: D

Where was Kamar Aiken? I sure as hell don't know, with one catch for a pitiful six yards he might as well not be on the field. This is a player we need to see every quarter. Yet in sixty minutes he has six yards. Marlon Brown did better than Kamar, and he dropped two passes! Ross fumbled (questionable call) and Givens had a great route to drive the team 31 yards downfield, unfortunately his only catch mind you. This wide receiver group is bad. Without Smith Sr. I have no idea if Flacco could eclipse even a 1,200 yards by now.


The Ravens are showing themselves the same problems. Only 4 people at any given time step up, which makes it impossible to win. You cannot win unless 11 players are striving to the same goal.