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Ravens vs. Cardinals Highlights

Our weekly tape session brings us more miscues and errors, and some straight up bad luck.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Welcome back to the film room, readers. This week's tape isn't much different than what we've seen thus far this season. You've got your classic defensive miscues, the offense making some plays while attempting to rally back, bad officiating, and just some awful luck against the Ravens.

John Urschel's Catch and Run

and the part where he totally declares himself as eligible

Palmer finds Floyd for a big gain

CJ?K shreds the Ravens for a TD

Steve Smith puts some spin on the ball

The 'Honey Badger' sniffs out the sweep

Mathieu knocks down the underthrown TD pass

Playing hot potato with the pigskin

Will Hill rocks Jermaine Gresham's world

Forsett takes it to the house

Jeremy Ross fumbles on the return

Palmer threads the needle for the touchdown

Carson Palmer chucks it deep to John Brown

Chris Johnson breaks off a huge run, thanks to his forward progress

Carson Palmer hits John Brown again for the TD

Tyrann Mathieu with the sack

Asa Jackson blocks the punt

Flacco TD pass to Kyle Juszczyk to keep the game alive

Andre Ellington's clutch catch to keep the Ravens at bay

Chris Givens shows off his best trait

Flacco and the offense fall short once again