Marc Trestman will not work For Flacco......(A little bit of a vent)

Hi! My name is Matthew Litzelman. I have been a Ravens fan ever since I can really remember watching football. It is really wierd consider I myself live in Indianapolis (sorry guys believe me I hate them for stealing our team too lol).So enough about me, more about my subject. Since Flacco was drafted by the ravens, He was set to be the man. One of those picks where the wizard came through in the clutch. I remember watching the draft like what the (insert vulgar word here) just happened. It didnt take long for Flacco to get my attention though. I fell in love after the 19 yard run his first preseason start against the Bengals. Ever since then I will take Flacco's back, no matter the argument, except this one. Joe Flacco needs to keep his passes a game in a 28 to 35 range for the Ravens to have the best chance at winning. I have done a little bit of research, and I can not guarantee I am 100 percent accurate, but you will deffinitely see my point after this. On a side note please feel free to comment and correct me. Flacco's career stats, according to, are damn good compared to any sort of QB this franchise has seen in 20 years, except McNair may he rest in piece. We are looking at 119 games with 2393 completions out of 3944 attempts, 27,388 yards, 157 Touchdowns and 98 Interceptions at a 84.5. In these 119 games, The Ravens are 73-46 with multiple playoff appearance and a very sexy ring that says we were the best. Good thoughts when you look, but here comes the bad part. Out of these 119 games, and like I said did my research but I could be off, 32 times Flacco has thrown 36 plus times. I know you all are like get to the point, but bare with me, you will see why it looks like I am just rambling. During the course of these 32 games the Ravens are 15-17. The rest of Flacco's stat line looks a little something along the lines of 645 completions out of 1126 attempts (57.28 percent) 51 touchdowns and 48 interceptions. In these 32 games, according to the QB rating website I used to come out with a rating, he produced an 83.1, which kind of makes me scratch my head when i look at it because of the next stat line I am going to share. So, if my information is accurate, that leaves him with 87 games under 35 passes. and subtracting the last stats from his career stats, I came up with this. If Flacco throws 35 or less passes a game, the Baltimore Ravens are 58-29. Yes I laughed when I realized that is exactly a 66.7% /33.3 % win/loss ratio. It made a lot of this math a lot easier. In these 87, Flacco goes 1745-2818, 17,650 yards, 106 touchdowns and 50 interceptions. That looks a lot better but makes me feel like the NFL needs to come up with a better system because that only gives him a 84.9 QB rating even though I feel his 87 are a lot better than the 32. So ,if you are looking at it from an avg per game standpoint, at 36 plus passes, Flacco averages 20-35 for 304 1.6 touchdowns and 1.5 interceptions. That is good for an 83.3 rating. Now look at this, under 36 passes flacco goes 20-32, 203 yards, 1.2 touchdowns and only .6 touchdowns. That averages out somehow to be a 96.5 QB rating. A very nice jump from 83.3. Can anyone guess what two seasons Flacco threw the least amount of 36+ games. I'll give it away. It was 2010 and 2011, in 2010 only 3 times at 36+and 2011 he threw 4. Ironically enough in those 7 he was 4-3. Why is that significant you ask? Both years The ravens boasted the best record the Flacco and Hardbaugh era has seen at 12-4 maybe? I bet you can figure out what season he had the most, and it ends with.500, that would be 2013 when the ravens went 8-8, He did it 9 times that year. the record there is a measly 3-5. Why does this pertain to anything right now you ask. How about, under Marc Trestman and company, the ravens and company are 1-6 and guess what! In 4 out of those 7 games, Flacco threw for 36+. Ok so don't laugh, but don't you think it is funny that The three games he didn't throw over 35 were Denver, which was a really good game, in Cleveland, which I feel was a defensive meltdown and he still got to 35, and our lone win this year against Pittsburgh. Yes the Ravens still can and have lost when he throws under it, but like I said before, the offense best gives the Ravens a chance for a w if Flacco can keep it under 35. I don't see Trestman running an offense where that happens a lot, so I'm going to give up on that. I do pray,however, that someone else sees what I have been and tries to do something about it. I am in no way shape or form saying there isn't a time or game where flacco shouldn't up the pitch count. I am just saying that to do it on the norm is probably not in the best interest of the team or for Flacco. It is no longer 2010 with Heap,Mason, Boldin, Stallworth and Houshmenzadeh. We have receivers like Givens,Boyle,Brown and the old guy. Trestman needs to realize that and keep giving the backs the ball. Forsett should carry it at least 15-20 times a game, not 12. He is a guy that might only get 1 yard 10 times, but that 11th hes going for 75. If Trestman Can fix tthose two problems, i feel like our offense will be 10 x better even with lack of receiver. If he doesn't, i bet by seasons end, he packs his bags with Dean pees on you. Even if you do not agree, thanks for reading.

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