2015-2016 Ravens Are a Result of Their Past

What. A. Year.

The Baltimore Ravens have had a bad first half of this season no doubt, full of ups and downs that we can easily use to analyze the issues this team is having and use them to turn this season around. We have observed our beloved team keep us in our games this year getting our hopes up to maybe finish a game with a win, only to crush us with the feeling of a loss in the final seconds of a potential game-winning drive. This team has the ability to turn this season around and maybe make a push to win a few more games this season.

I'm not expecting this Ravens team to turn around and win nine straight games to try and make the playoffs nor do I wish this to happen. In a way, this season is a wake up call to Ozzie Newsome and the rest of the front office. Our season has shown to be a sign that even the best of Front offices can't have constant success by drafting in the mid-late range of drafts. Ozzie has definitely been great at making this work for a long time as shown by our success during the Flacco-Harbaugh era. We have finally had this come back and bite us right in the rear. Our clear lack of depth on this team is almost directly related to our inability to keep our important players, and relying on our late picks in drafts to be stars right away. Sure, we have found gems in C.J. Mosley and Jimmy Smith, but name another first round pick who has been a great player from the past five years other than those two. Upshaw has had marginal success but only because of injuries to our few star players. Sergio Kindle? Matt Elam? Failed experiments, Kindle couldn't handle himself and Elam has not had anything but a negative impact on our secondary. These players were all our #1 picks. Look at Perriman he was our #1 pick this year and we haven't even seen him touch the field.

Let's face it, this season is lost in the respect of making the playoffs, but we have time to get some of these younger players more playing time and see what they've got. These young guys can't be that bad, they were drafted for a reason and Tray Walker couldn't any worse than Shareece Wright. If we want to rebuild this team in a year we need to start now and weed out all of players who won't have any impact on this team. This team doesn't need to tank, they need to fight, and fight hard to teach these new guys what it means to PLAY LIKE A RAVEN. If we can crank out at least 5 wins this season and grab a top ten pick I think we can turn this around quickly and be back in contention by next year.

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