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Ravens vs Cardinals: Steve Smith gives the refs a 2 star review

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens lost to the Cardinals in the final minutes of a game that was surprisingly close throughout the entire contest. However, the main thing noticed all game long was how terrible the refs were. Flags were being thrown for things that didn't happen while flags hit the turf for a lineman not reporting eligible despite him clearly reporting in.

Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith was clearly not pleased. Enough to hit his Yelp app and rate the crew.

Ouch, a 2 star review. Yelp will hit the NFL up to have them pay a monthly fee to remove that negative review like they do most businesses, but it still stings. I can't say that I blame Senior either. Between the eligible lineman, a pass interference call on Lardarius Webb that was just good, clean football, and Brandon Williams apparent need to sit on every offensive player until the refs pull him off, it was a sloppy game not only for the Ravens, but for the striped guys on the field as well.

We here at Baltimore Beatdown won't blame the refs for the loss, but you better believe that the league will be looking at this game and might fine Steve Smith for his comments and maybe the refs for their poor play.