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Joe Flacco haters can't have it both ways

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Every time Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco throws an interception, people talk about his 120 million dollar contract. Every time the Ravens lose, people talk about his 120 million dollar contract. He's overpaid they say. Flacco is a bum they say.

Never mind the fact that the Ravens in 2014 spent over 50 million dollars during the offseason. Never mind that the Ravens have signed six players to contracts worth anywhere between 24 million to 48 million since Flacco's contract was signed in 2013. Facts are not important to Flacco critics.

But let someone mention that Flacco is Super Bowl MVP and is the first quarterback in NFL history to make the playoffs in his first-five seasons and win a playoff game in his first-five seasons and those Flacco critics will say:

"Its a team sport. Flacco wasn't the reason why the Ravens won those games- the defense won those games for Flacco."

But those same critics look the Ravens 1-6 overall record this season and say it is all Flacco's fault. It is evident that Flacco critics love to talk from both sides of their mouth.

It's a team sport when Flacco is winning. It's all Flacco's fault when the Ravens lose they say.

When people make dumb comments like those, it becomes really amusing when you consider circumstances and the talking points about the Ravens from 2008-2012.

From 2008-2012, the Ravens still had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. When both of those players were still on the roster, all I ever heard from the general public and ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, NFL Network and NBC Sports analysts was:

"Ravens defense is old. They are not what they used to be. Their too slow on defense."

So let me guess this straight. The Ravens from 2008-2012 achieved the following:

  • Won more games than any other team in the NFL
  • Won more playoff games than any other team in the NFL
  • Won a playoff game in each of those five seasons
  • Only team in the NFL to make the playoffs from 2008-2012
  • Made three AFC championship games
  • Won a Super Bowl

So all of those things apparently were achieved by the Ravens while having an overrated quarterback and an old and slow defense. What does that say about the rest of the NFL?

I guess that makes John Harbaugh the best head coach in the NFL if he won with all of those limitations, right?

None of those things that Flacco critics say make any sense. Maybe the advancement of social media has gone too far in allowing people to post any illogical thing they want. People post things and think if it sounds right in their mind, it must be true.

But while Flacco is getting criticized, quarterbacks like Phillip Rivers, Tony Romo, Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan continue to get a pass in the media while all of them combined have six playoff wins while Flacco has 10.

Here are the facts:

  • Romo has never made it to an NFC championship game for the Dallas Cowboys. Is he overrated too?
  • Ryan has one playoff win his eight years in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons. Why aren't people calling him out more often especially when his team has gone 4-12 and 6-10 the previous two seasons?
  • Rivers has missed the playoffs in four out of the last five years for the San Diego Chargers. The media continues to praise him.
  • Stafford has never won a playoff game for the Detroit Lions. He still never receives the same amount of criticism Flacco has.
  • Dalton has had talent around him in each of his five years in the league. He has yet to win a single playoff game for the Cincinnati Bengals.

A lot of people love to criticize Flacco for whatever reason, I don't know. He doesn't bring attention to himself, he works hard, he's never in trouble off the field or has any cheating scandals attached to his name. It looks like a lot of people have a hidden agenda against Flacco.

I would understand Flacco critics a lot more if they maintained their notion that football is a team sport when you win and lose. They just think when it relates to the Ravens, its a team sport when Flacco wins. Everything otherwise is Flacco's fault. Talk about clueless.