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Ed Reed would 'entertain' coaching offer at his alma mater Miami

Can't he coach his other alma mater?

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With the Ravens' secondary once again playing dismally, quite a few are wondering if Ed Reed would consider making his way back to the Ravens again, this time as a coach. After all, desperate times do call for desperate measures.

However, there is another team near and dear to Reed that could use his assistance even more.

In an interview on the Rich Eisen Show today, Reed said he'd definitely "entertain" the possibility of coaching the storied Hurricanes football program.

"I would definitely listen, would go and talk and want to know what they're looking to do. I would entertain it."

Reed went on to mention the fact that he and some other former Hurricane players have a group chat going, and have discussed what they want the future of the university's football program to be. Reed mentioned that he and former Miami quarterback (and current Panthers assistant) Jack Dorsey have talked about starting a new regime at the school, but neither wishes to be the head honcho in South Beach.

"Me and Dorsey have talked a great bit about coaching together, but neither one of us want to be the head coach. We argued that. I know other guys would chime in and definitely want to be a part of it in some way, help out."

No matter how much or how little Reed wants to be involved, there is certainly a place for him in the program that he has done so much for.

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