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Ravens vs Cardinals: OL John Urschel catches a pass, gets it wrongly called back

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are clearly a team that needs all the help they can get. On their first drive, they pulled out all the stops and had backup lineman John Urschel come in and catch a screen pass as a receiver. That's right, the lineman caught the ball and rumbled up the field for some yards!

Then there was a yellow hankie on the floor of the stadium. Illegal formation with the referees saying that Urschel never reported. Cue head coach John Harbaugh being irate at the officials screaming that Urschel clearly reported in.

Well we have the proof right here John.

As if it was any doubt that the smartest man on the field would remember to rub his jersey in the universal signal that he was reporting as eligible. The Ravens would have their drive stall, but they drew first blood, going up 3-0 early.