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Ravens vs. Cardinals: Staff Predictions

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Nathan Beaucage

The one common denominator in all of the Cardinals losses has been the lack of a run game. I expect that to continue this week, but due to the Ravens' lack of a secondary, Carson Palmer has a great night feasting on guys like Shareece Wright. Despite the Cards' prolific offensive attack, the Ravens somehow stay in a game they shoudn't be in. Ultimately, the Cards' secondary stops Flacco and his offense's comeback attempt in their tracks. I think the Cardinals come out on top 27-17.

Yitzi Weiss

I have the Ravens squeaking this one out, 31-26. Had a change of heart here. Ravens shut down the run, put Palmer on his butt, and run it down the Cardinals throats...

Matthew Stevens

Ravens can't get things going offensively with a lack of weapons and it makes them one dimensional against a solid defense. Meanwhile, the Ravens defense continues to give up big plays while somehow staying competitive for most of the game.

While this should be a blowout, the Ravens keep it closer than it should be.

Cardinals 24 / Ravens 17

Kyle Barber

Simple answer, Ravens get pummeled by the high assault offense of the Cardinals. Fitzgerald snags at least a touchdown. Patrick Peterson & Tyrann Matheiu punish Flacco's attempts at SSSr. But he gets 50 yards. Kamar Aiken looks decent for around 65 yards.
Forsett gets 100 yards, but the Ravens can't keep up down the stretch.

Brian Malan

Ravens get dogged, me get drunk, me make jokes to ignore the pain, me get depressed crying over a bottle of bourbon and pint of ice scream.

Wola Odeniran

Ravens defense hasn't stopped anybody since the start of week 2 but I have a funny feeling the Ravens pull this one out. For whatever reason, the Cardinals lost to a Rams team that has limited weapons on offense and lost to a limited Steelers team last week. I think the Ravens make a good statement tonight. The defense finally comes through and the Ravens will win 27-19.

4 pick the Cardinals, 2 the Ravens.