This is it.

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It's week seven of the NFL season and the 2015 Ravens campaign is already on the line. Now I know a lot of us have said that the last couple of games were "must wins" but this Monday night game actually is. Maybe there will be some crazy folks out there who will still think a 10-6 season is within reach even with a loss tomorrow, but for most of the realists in this fan base it might as well be over. If the Ravens lose tomorrow in Arizona, that's it I'm rooting for draft picks. Plain and simple. Just turn the page to 2016 and get on with our lives. However, with a win tomorrow I still think there is a minimal chance to salvage the season, but any kind of chance at this point I'll take.

After this Monday night game the Ravens will head back to Baltimore to face a San Diego Chargers team who also just lost to Oakland and are currently 2-5 on the season. Next up is the bye week, and right after that Jacksonville. The Jaguars pulled out a win in London against Buffalo and are currently also 2-5 on the season. If the Ravens are playing football at half the level we expect, they should win those two games and be 4-5.

Week 11 roles around and this is when I'm worried again, St. Louis at home. Now they are currently 3-3 on the year and Todd Gurley can get going at anytime, I'm not too concerned about Nick Foles and their passing game as they currently rank 31st in the league in passing yards. That helps Baltimore, and I think that is another W, 5-5.

Cleveland is next on the slate, on the road for Monday Night Football. Divisional opponents are tough but there is no way in hell this team gets swept by the Browns, now the Ravens should be up to 6-5 on the season.

Here is a two game stretch I don't like, week 13 in Miami and then host Seattle the next week. The Dolphins have been on point ever since they fired Joe Philbin. Ryan Tannehill has looked solid and has plenty of talented weapons in Jarvis Landry, Rishard Matthews and Lamar Miller. The defense hasn't been that bad for them either which could be a disaster game. Then when the Seahawks come to Baltimore it could get ugly again. This team hasn't played too well at all this season, but they are due to get hot. Their secondary can suffocate you and Marshawn Lynch will pound that Baltimore front seven all day. Lets just say best case scenario the Ravens split these two games and enter week 15 at a solid 7-6, not too shabby eh?

Next up would be Kansas City. As of right now the Chiefs really haven't established too much of a run game in the absence of Jamaal Charles, and they are allowing 26.5 PPG which is ranked 25th in the league. Plus it's a home game. 8-6.

Now for Baltimore-Pittsburgh part II. I always love these games, and they're always tough. This one is at home, which is a small advantage but Big Ben will be back and healthy and looking to torch this secondary that has sucked for most of the year. I want to say they win, but I have to try and see all sides of this, sorry but I see an L. 8-7.

Final game of the year is in Cincinnati, and if we know anything this club doesn't typically have the ability to finish seasons or important games. Another division matchup, I think the series gets split this year as I really don't see the Bengals taking four in a row against the Ravens. 9-7 finish to the season.

Now unfortunately I haven't done all the math to see how every other AFC team fares against one another in all of the other games, but I can tell you that the way this Wild Card race is shaping up a 9-7 team could be sitting pretty in one of those spots if the division leaders continue to dominate. There are still acquisitions that need to be made and players that need to get healthy *cough* Breshard Perriman *cough* but I think this team has a shot IF they win tomorrow. If not, all bets are off and I'll see you at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago come late April.

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