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Give the youngsters more playing time

The Ravens have some young players that could use some live action play.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Fellow Beatdown writer Wola Odeniran wrote an article saying that the Ravens were being too conservative for a 1-5 team and that they need to change their playcalling. I'm going to take it a step further, I think that the Ravens should start giving more reps to their younger players so that they can develop more.

Here's a small list of players:

Javorius Allen

It's not that Justin Forsett has been underperforming, he's had some good games over the past few weeks, but the Ravens should get Buck more involved in the offense now that he's Justin Forsett's back-up. The Ravens might as well see if Allen can't be a long-term solution as Forsett turned 30 two weeks ago and Lorenzo Taliaferro can't be counted on to stay healthy. The Ravens also haven't used him much in the passing game, which is odd seeing as his receiving ability was hailed as one of his strong suits.

Tray Walker

Do I expect Walker to come in and be the solution to the Ravens' struggles on the back end? No, I think that he'll have his fair share of struggles as a young cornerback. But it would give him valuable playing time that can help him develop and it's not like Shareece Wright is going to be another successful reclamation project during the Dean Pees era.

Darren Waller

Marlon Brown continues to make his amazing season in 2013 look like a fluke, as he has followed up a seven touchdown season with a 24 game touchdown drought. Darren Waller probably won't become a touchdown machine, but like with Tray Walker, this can certainly be time for him to develop and gain experience.

These moves aren't going to start a 10 game winning streak, but they will help the Ravens evaluate their younger players and see if they can be useful contributors in the long run. There's nothing to lose. The Ravens are already looking at the third overall pick, they'd need to win every game and get some help to even make the playoffs, and the only bad thing that could come out of this is that they find out that Allen, Walker, and Waller are all terrible.