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Wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. only needs 128 yards to get into top-10 all-time

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith announced earlier this season that the 2015 NFL season would be his last as a player. At 36 years of age and enjoying his 15th career season in the league, there are few that have accomplished as much as Senior has.

I feel like it's time. I'm going to retire after this, go home and be a dad and look back and enjoy things.

Only Smith and Tim Brown have eclipsed 13,000 receiving yards and 4,000 return yards. Smith is the player out of the two that isn't in the Hall of Fame... yet.

Well Smith will get a chance to go up even further on the Hall of Fame voting list as he is set to go into the top-10 list of receiving yards all-time. Needing only 128 yard, Smith will hit 13,900 on his career, which will surpass Henry Ellard (11th) and Cris Carter (10th). He will have done it a year faster than Cris Carter, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013.

With the pace that Smith is setting, he should finish the season with 1530 yards through the air. That would push his total to 14,792 and 7th place all-time, right in front of Marvin Harrison (7th) and Reggie Wayne (8th). While I think few people would expect Senior to keep up the pace that he has been this season, mostly due to the broken bones in his back, he does seem like a man possessed to finish the year as strong as fans have ever seen him.

Only participating in 5 games thus far because of the broken bones in his back, Smith has 510 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. In his last game, the first one back after his injury, he put up 7 receptions for 137 yards and a single touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers.

Smith's test becomes a lot harder this week as he will likely line up against cornerback Patrick Peterson from the Arizona Cardinals, one of the best in the business. However, as we've seen all season long, Smith will find his opportunities in the game and will get some yards out of it even if he has to kick, scream and force it to happen. He might even be able to get the full 128 yards on Monday Night Football and keep the ball for himself.