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Ravens offensive guard Marshal Yanda 719 snaps without a sack

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Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

There are few bright spots in a tough season when your team usually is a competitive one that sticks around in January. Well the biggest news all season long has been the contract extension for offensive guard Marshal Yanda. The Ravens are doing their best to keep him a Raven for life with their latest contract, while even saving themselves some money long-term.

Yanda's deal didn't break the bank when compared to the other offensive guards in the league. When you look even further at where Yanda sits in the league at his position, it's even scarier how good of a deal Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens got. Pro Football Focus has a +11.2 run blocking grade, which is tops for the right guards in the league.

Well not to be outdone by his mauling ability on running plays, Yanda currently holds the league's best streak of snaps without a sack at 719 according to PFF. His closest competitor is Manuel Ramirez from the Detroit Lions with 634.

Rank Right guard Team Snaps without allowing sack
1. Marshal Yanda BAL 719
2. Manuel Ramirez DET 634
3. Trai Turner CAR 627

As if that number wasn't scary enough for incoming pass rushers, Yanda rates ninth all time with 894 snaps without a sack before having his streak snapped in 2013, so he's working on rising up the ranks on the all-time list.

There is a reason that Marshal Yanda got his contract extension. In part, it's because of his consistent play that has seen him voted to 4 Pro Bowls, 3 All-Pro selections and multiple selections to various analysts' All-NFL teams.