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Steve Smith no longer on the injury report

The veteran receiver is being counted on, so good to see he is healing...

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens passing game is heavily reliant on wide receiver Steve Smith, so it is good news to see the veteran finally removed from the injury report. The veteran suffered some micro-fractures in his back in week 4 against Pittsburgh, taking a hit in the small of his back from Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons.

Smith missed some one game with the injury, and has appeared on the injury report since then. He managed to play last week against the San Francisco 49ers, and had one of his best game of the season, posting 137 yards a touchdown. Smith was visibly limited, and dropped two more touchdown passes, although both were tough grabs that he still would have had trouble with even if he was 100%. Both times the Ravens had to settle for field goals. With the final score a mere 5 points apart, either of those touchdowns could have made the difference.

The Ravens will need Smith more than ever this week, with the Cardinals fielding one of the better secondaries in the league led by pro bowler Patrick Peterson and safety Tyrann Matheiu. The Cardinals bring alot of pressure, and feed off of sloppy route running, so Joe Flacco will need his safety blanket, Steve Smith to have a chance to win this week.