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Ravens are too conservative offensively for a below average team

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I'm getting real tired of the conservative approach by Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Mark Trestman and his handling of Maxx Williams, Nick Boyle and Crockett Gillmore at the tight end position. This team is 1-5. Loosen up.

I'm getting real tired of the substitutions for Williams coming in for Boyle and Gillmore coming in for Boyle every week. All three tight ends are talented. They should see more time together on the field all at once. We haven't seen that in the amount of time all players have been active as Gillmore has missed a couple games due to a calf injury.

The top five targets for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in my opinion are:

  • Steve Smith Sr.
  • Gillmore
  • Boyle
  • Williams

Wide receiver Kamar Aiken has been solid, but he is the fifth best option in the passing game in  my opinion. Watching this team on offense is like they have some of sort politically correct approach to the game and I don't understand it.

Let Williams, Boyle and Gillmore play on the field all at the same time. Run three tight end packages. Put Boyle in as a slot wide receiver. Put Williams on the outside opposite of Smith Sr. at wide receiver. Let Gillmore stay at tight end. Let all three tight ends rotate those roles on offense all the time.

All three tight ends better play together in the red zone from here on out.

This team doesn't have effective speed at wide receiver. So why not put in your tight ends against linebackers and smaller cornerbacks more often? What is wrong with that?

Why does Trestman continue to play wide receiver Marlon Brown so often? Brown hasn't caught a touchdown pass in almost two years now. If Brown isn't going to get open in the passing game now, he probably never will.

I know some people will ask about Chris Givens and Jeremy Ross getting more time at wide receiver. I guess that wouldn't hurt. But I have to say, the fact that neither Givens or Ross started ahead of Brown against the San Francisco 49ers is alarming to me.

You put your best players on the field. Once again I have to reiterate this. Outside of Smith Sr., all of the best targets the Ravens have on offense are at tight end. Yet they are underutilized.

Let's say tight end Dennis Pitta is able to play again. What are the Ravens going to do then with four talented tight ends? Deactivate Boyle and/or Williams on game day on a consistent basis?

It just doesn't make sense to me.This team is 1-5. Experiment some things on this roster and stop playing ineffective players who are not getting it done.