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Ravens Vs. Cardinals: Damage Control

How should the Ravens combat the Cardinals?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens playing against a revitalized Cardinals offense on Monday Night Football. The Ravens less than stellar defense, which has been cause for many fans frustrations this season has given up many Baltimore leads. In primetime maybe this defense will shine a bit brighter than the last few weeks.

What should Baltimore do differently?

As of late the problems have been on passing defense as a whole. The secondary isn't doing well. Jimmy Smith is finally performing better than his below average starting weeks, and Lardarius Webb has done well when on the field, but a hindering hamstring injury makes Webb not consistently seeing the field. The Ravens cornerbacks haven't done much besides give up big plays in fact, and they cannot be masked by an equally weak pass rush. Courtney Upshaw still hasn't developed any pass rush technique, even after playing with prolific teammates Terrell Suggs & Elvis Dumervil. Elvis Dumervil is doing well, but cannot complete the task singlehandedly. Za'darius Smith and his rookie season are both frustrating to watch. Which still leaves the question of: What can the Ravens do to become more successful against the Arizona Cardinals?

What do you think?

The Ravens saw success against Cleveland sending the blitz packages. Quarterbacks pressured made sloppier throws, (if not for Gary Barnidge's butt catch) and truthfully, if the Ravens were to lose, at least showing some fight and grit trying to be successful is better than attempting to not lose. Dropping everybody into coverage does not work. Take the Raiders game as an example, the three man rush is sure as hell not going to work against Carson Palmer and company. Is the extra man pass rush a guaranteed answer, no, but we sure know the coverage can't be relied upon, therefore forcing Palmer to pass before he wants to will be necessary. The Ravens need a pass rush.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see from Dean Pees and the Baltimore Ravens this Monday night?