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Ravens vs Cardinals: Cornerback Jimmy Smith confident the Ravens defense can stop Arizona

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We've covered it so much that I'm running out of opening lines for my articles, but the Baltimore Ravens defense sucks to put it lightly. No player in the secondary has performed as advertised and that has been a major factor for why the team is currently 1-5. The coaches and the players all know what they have to do and we are hearing yet another week where everyone says they are doing their best to do those things.

Cornerback Jimmy Smith started the season a little shaky, most likely due to the Linsfranc surgery he had last season and knocking some of the rust off from that. He has started to look a lot better over the last few weeks and is returning to the player that the Ravens gave a long-term contract to. His confidence is coming back as well.

As far as our defensive plan, we’ve got to contain that. We can’t let big plays happen. They’ve been happening. Obviously, they can’t happen again. Going into this game on Monday night, primetime television, our job is to stop that. We will.

The Ravens will need the confidence, the swagger, that we've seen from their best teams in the past to reroute this season into a positive one. If Jimmy Smith is the start of the confidence wave that flows through this team, then I'm all for it.  Hopefully this is the week where the Ravens secondary stops the big plays and can contain one of the better offenses in the league at the moment.