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"I'll point myself out" - C.J. Mosley

Sophomore linebacker with leadership showing

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

"They were able to get a shake right on me. I took my eyes off of him, and they were able to convert to attempt to get the field goal to end the game" said Mosley. The second year linebacker spoke with frustrated words.

The Baltimore Ravens are a struggling 1-4 team now consistently losing games on the defensive side. Baltimore's once proud 11 man unit now rearing it's ugly face behind the facade. But Mosley isn't just taking the blame being behind the defense, but personally instead.

"I'll point out myself," C.J. Mosley told the Ravens' official web site. "Just like the last two losses, it's on the defense. We played with the lead for awhile, gave up big plays, and at the end, we've just got to finish. We keep saying that, but we've got to do it."

The team has struggled to an almost automatic setting. The Ravens fight back offensively and finally catch a lead, then during the fourth quarter a heart-wrenching drive down the field cultivates a lead for the opposing squad. With not enough time Flacco attempts to once again re-capture a victory but doesn't quite reach it. It's happened all season, save the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is much more than a player being upset, this is a young player (sophomore season!) putting the mistakes of his team as a whole on himself. A true leader whom puts himself to blame first when mistakes are present, and the modest teammate when people mention him when the going is good. C.J. Mosley is something more than a skilled inside linebacker playing professional football. It's a person with true character, humble, honest, and determined to become better at his craft.

If Mosley and the defense can turn the page remains to be seen, but the players clearly are not sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. At least Mosley isn't.