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Back to the Future Day: Where will the Ravens be in 30 years?

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Today is the day that Marty McFly and the Doc travel to in Back to the Future 2, so we got the staff together to see exactly what we all think the Ravens will be doing in 30 years.

Brian Malan

All of Flacco's 11 sons he has will be our starting offense.

Yitzi Weiss

The Ravens continue their trend of drafting the children of former players, fielding a defense that includes several Ray Lewis descendants, Ed Reed descendants, and one Ngata boy. Tucker is still going strong, and Ray Lewis is the head coach, having waited 10 years of retirement before giving in to the pull of the game. The game of football is played in a stadium that can be projected as a mini 3D image in living rooms all across America, and is more popular than ever despite concussions still being an issue...

Chuck Mills

The Ravens will storm the Hall of Fame, with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs. Marshal Yanda, and C.J. Mosley getting gold jackets.

Wola Odeniran

The Ravens will draft 2 pro bowl wide receivers and have 2 pro bowl cornerbacks.

Christian Klarner

I predict Eric DeCosta is still waiting for Ozzie to retire so he can be the GM.

Matthew Stevens

The grandchildren of Art Model buy the team back from Steve Bisciotti and put together the best defense ever seen in football, this time led by robots. Robot Ray Lewis hits robot Eddie George so hard that he malfunctions and turns into an analyst robot after that day. Meawhile robot Trent Dilfer, despite being able to be programmed to be perfect, somehow gets the Ravens to a Super Bowl even though he is as average as average can possibly be.