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Dennis Pitta hits the field for the first time since training camp

This is good news, although it likely is too late to save the Ravens season...

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta participated in practice today for the first time since training camp. Pitta has dealt with multiple hip injuries over the past few years, and the injuries were thought to be career ending. We have yet to see if that is the case yet, but it seems like the veteran tight end is making every effort to make it back onto the field and help the Ravens.

This week  against Arizona is the first game he is permitted to play in, although he is allowed to practice for 3 weeks before the team must either add him to the 53 man roster or put him on season ending injured reserve. Since he does not take up a roster spot until activated, it will be clear when he is activated that he will be playing that week on Sunday, unless of course he still has not played yet at the end of the 3 weeks.

The Ravens offense sure could use a spark, and another reliable 3rd down option for Pitta's bestie Joe Flacco. So if Pitta can return and bolster an already strong tight end unit, it would definitely be a boon for a team lacking talent at wide receiver and dealing with multiple banged up players at the position.

While Pitta's injuries are concerning, ultimately he has to be okay with his decision, as do his doctors. Which means that if he plays, he will be ready and fit for the ultimate contact sport. After all those months of rehab, hopefully we will see him in game action sooner than later.