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Former Raven Ray Lewis' book hits the shelves

The book written by former Raven linebacker and future hall of famer Ray Lewis has hit the shelves yesterday, and it looks to be extremely compelling. Lewis has had controversy in his career, most prominently the double homicide charges brought against him in Atlanta in the offseason preceding his first Super Bowl victory. Lewis tells over the incident from his perspective, providing insight into events that until this time were not available to the public. Of course, that is if you believe him.

Most outside of Baltimore would rather believe the worst of the perennial pro bowler, although his friends were ultimately acquitted when their actions were deemed self defense. But that does not stop the haters from spewing their hater-ade, and the launch of his new book will likely bring a new wave of self righteous indignation from those arenas.

I, for one, am excited to read this book. Whether or not you like the man or the player, he is undoubtedly an inspiring person, and the way he turned his life around after the 'incident' is a shining example for any troubled young celebrity out there. Possibly the greatest team leader the NFL has seen, Lewis's pep talks and motivation of his teammates is legend. Some may hate what they call his pontificating and loud mouthed persona, but while he is polarizing, it is a fact that his motivating tactics yielded results.

I will let you know what I think when I am finished reading.