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Ravens odds of making the playoffs- or getting the first overall pick

It might be time we switched from calculating our playoff odds...

Elsa/Getty Images

Most weeks, we would be discussing the ever shrinking odds of the Baltimore Ravens making the playoffs in 2015. But with that number already below 1% entering week 7, the time has come to start looking calculating the odds for a different, more relevant category- the odds of getting the 1st overall pick.

The Ravens have never picked higher than 4th, with the team drafting at that spot twice in their history- 1996 with Jonathan Ogden and 1997 with Peter Boulware, but that was close to two decades ago.

So without further ado, here is the odds of the Ravens getting the 1st overall pick, per our friends over at Numberfire:

Projected Record: 5.17 - 10.83 (Change: -1.29 wins, 1.29 losses)
No. 1 Pick: 9.7% (Change: %)
Playoffs: 0.3% (Change: -4.5%)
Power Rankings: 24 (Last Week: 17)
Here is how they compare to the other teams vying for the worst record:

As you can see, the Ravens are still not the favorites for the top pick although a top 5 pick is still very likely. There is still 10 games to go, but the Ravens would have to improve alot to not end the season somewhere on this list. Lets hope this is a one-time deal.