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Steve Smith top ten chase

Oh so close

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The veteran receiver is making a case for Canton. The five time pro-bowler on top of all other ridiculous accolades is 128 receiving yards from passing Cris Carter on the top ten all-time receiving yards leaderboard. Steve Smith Sr. has clearly been the Ravens #1 receiver this season, and with his back broken still managed to put up 137 yards last night against the San Francisco 49ers. Agent 89 has put up over 128 yards in three games this season (150, 186, 137).

Now while SSSr will be facing off against the Arizona Cardinals this week, a determined Smith is never something to play against, and if he knows how close he is he'll be clawing his way towards the record. Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu watch out.

If Smith Sr were to 'Keep Pounding', and crush 574 more yards this season he'll be seeing two players notch below him; James Lofton and Reggie Wayne. This would put Smitty at 8th All-Time. Yes, the 5'9" outside receiver playing with a broken back at 36 years old will become 8th in the record books.

This means Smith Sr. needs to average around 58 yards over the next 10 games, which so far he's averaged 85 yards, including his bad game against Denver, and his injury game against Pittsburgh. Last season the receiver finished at 1,065 yards, and if Smith achieved the 574 he'd be topping out only 19 yards more than last year. This is a very do-able achievement, especially with the powerhouse attack so far from Steve.