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Ravens vs Steelers Final Score: Ravens stop Antonio Brown's record

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown had 5+ catches, and 50+ yards in a record 35 straight games before the Baltimore Ravens got ahold of him.

After letting wide receiver A.J. Green beat up the secondary for 227 yards and 2 touchdowns, the Ravens defense held Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown to 5 receptions and only 42 yards Thursday night at Heinz field.

Arguably the best wide receiver in the league, the Ravens did a fantastic job of keeping Brown in check. Between the man coverage with Jimmy Smith and the zone coverage used by the rest of the Ravens' secondary, they were able to limit him pretty much all game and stay in his hip pocket on a lot of throws that went his way. While the Steelers were limited in what they were able to do with quarterback Michael Vick taking over for injured quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Brown presented a tough matchup for a secondary that has yet to really perform well.

The Ravens defense as a unit was very hot and cold in the first half before making appropriate adjustments and abusing Michael Vick and locking down far better coverage on the back-end. The Pittsburgh Steelers ended the game with only 263 total offensive yards and only 96 of those being through the air. The 4 sacks and pressure on Vick added to the tight coverage made Vick have to get out of the pocket and make noise with his feet. While he did tear up 33 yards on the ground, those didn't make much of a difference as he averaged only 3.7 yards per run.

On the flip side, the Ravens also had their record be broken by a Pittsburgh Steeler. Le'Veon Bell was the first running back to have a 100+ yard game against the Ravens. However, I think the Ravens will take the hit to their pride on that one as they walk away with their first win of the 2015 NFL season.