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Ravens vs Steelers Final Score - Steve Smith: Mike Mitchell "on my life-time hit list"

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL won't be happy with the statement but based on how things played out, I'm not sure I can blame Steve Smith Sr. for the sentiment at all.

For those of you not able to stay up all night and watch the game or listen to our live coverage on, Steve Smith was injured in the fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers after he took a nasty shot from Steelers' safety Mike Mitchell. It was not only the hit that made Senior angry, but what Mitchell did afterwards that has the 36-year old fuming right now.

Smith is known for his feisty personality as we saw last week against the Bengals, where he called most of the Bengals secondary "trash." Prior to the start of his final season, Smith vowed to "wound, damage and puncture a lot of people" on his way out. Yet, I feel that this vow of revenge is somehow even more serious than his previous rants and promises.

The best thing I can do without threatening him and saying that I will assault him when I see him, is I will say I look forward to playing him again. He's on my life-time hit list.

Clearly their time together in Carolina with the Panthers was not on the friendliest of terms.