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Ravens vs Steelers Final Score: Art of the Comeback

The Ravens beat the Steelers in overtime, 23-20.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Le'Veon Bell rush for 4 yard gain. With those words the statistics of the Baltimore Ravens victory totaled at .18% chance of victory according to NumberFire. Yes, the Steelers were at 99.82% victory chance. Yet here the Ravens Stand with a one in the win column.

Ravens - Steelers Win Probability

Key moments:

Not one, but two missed field goals by Josh Scobee. Obviously with two whiffed kicks the Ravens momentum and chance became enormously in their favor.

The defense of the Ravens stepping up. Shutting down the offense, stone-walling attempts from Vick, Bell, and Brown. Ravens stuffing Antonio Browns' record of 5 catches & 50 yards. Baltimore finally holding teams down with great coverage from the secondary.

Clearly from the chart you can see the Ravens should not have won this game. But with Josh Scobee being unclutch, and Justin Tucker being the greatest kicker in the world in situations such as this, the Ravens can celebrate happily on the trip back to Charm City.