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Justin Tucker is as clutch as it gets

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tucker wants a new contract and after this game, the man deserves it! Justin Tucker was the polar opposite of kicker Josh Scobee for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the game was on the line, his field goal was as true as you'd expect of a player that is 89.9 percent on his career attempts.

Heinz field is one of the most brutal places to kick as Scobee can attest. Yet Justin Tucker put up all three of his field goals and extra points including the game winning field goal of 52-yards. Not only was Tucker perfect tonight, but at Heinz field in the regular season and in the postseason, he has hit 12 of 13 possible field goals for an unheard of 92.3%. That right there is enough reason to sign Tucker to a massive contract... the man hits field goals against your most hated rival.

When you have a guy that you can count on to not only kick a 52-yard field goal, but do so under pressure and do so in the absolute worst place to kick, you pay his ass immediately. The Ravens will have to pony up a lot of money this offseason to Tucker and his agent as they will want him on their side. Right now, the Steelers would probably give up just about anything for a kicker like that.