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Pro Football Focus grading of Week 6

How did the Ravens do?

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Pro Football Focus rankings are in for the top & bottom Raven players this week. Seemingly more good news than bad, although the Ravens still don't see the win column once more.


  • As always, Marshal Yanda dominated, ranking overall of +3.7 and his +2.6 pass blocking was the #1 mark for guards this week.
  • Steve Smith Sr. doesn't slow down even with cracked ribs in his back. A +2.4 receiving grade ranked 9th best for the week and to impress even more this is the third of last 4 games he's earned a +2.4 grade or better.
  • The replacement for Chris Canty seems to have arrived, Lawrence Guy is ranking the best defensive end on the rostur grading positively in 5 games this season, and 4 straight. His run stopping at a +1.9 is top ten among ALL 3-4 DE this week!
  • Brandon Williams as always wreaked havoc in the middle, grading as the best NT/DT in the NFL both against the run and as an overall ranking (+3.5; +5.8). Some more great news as he also had a positive pass rushing score at +2.1 placing him 5th overall. These are insane nose tackle numbers. You'd expect this of a D-end or D-tackle, but this is a nose tackle devouring double teams and still making chaos.
  • Elvis Dumervil did damage in a good light for the Ravens this weak, grading top 5 in pass rush pressure, and run defending (+1.8, +1.4) Dumervil finished 3rd among all 3-4 outside linebackers overall +3.3.
  • Sam Koch still doing his job, placing a +2.5 rank and currently leads all punters in net yards.
  • Tucker, albiet falling into a sinkhole from Jed York's terrible turf on a field goal still rocked out a +2.8 kickoff grade. Only 3 of 33 kickoffs have been returned for Justin Tucker.

Now the Ravens haven't had so much to be happy about, but yet be so prone to failure. The Ravens clearly had great players on all three sides of the field, but nonetheless, the Ravens had key players give up big negatives.


  • Joe Flacco and his 21st ranked passing grade (-1.5). Flacco has been negative as a passer in 6 straight games.  4 of these games have been -1.5 or worse.
  • The return of Crockett Gillmore was a flop, with ugly stats as the 3rd worst run blocker and 42nd overall rating this week (-2.4, -1.5).
  • Jimmy Smith and his friend Shareece Wright both saw negative grades at -1.7 for Smith and -3.5 for Wright. Both ranked outside top 60 in coverage.

These three negatives out-weighed all of the positivity on the win column. A Wright gone wrong couldn't be overcome.