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Ravens vs 49ers Final Score: Ravens should be ashamed at lack of effort

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Down by 5 points, a minute and six seconds on the clock as you start from your own 20 yard line. Poor play has plagued you all game long, but you have a chance to pull a win from out of nowhere if you play your cards right.

First pass incomplete. Second pass is a major completion to Jeremy Ross for 18 yards! Right here is where if I was a head coach, players would be out of the building the very next day.

With the clock ticking down, it takes the Baltimore Ravens offense roughly 23 seconds to get back up to the line of scrimmage, just 18 yards away. No one was in their way. There was just a serious lack of effort from players that at this point in a dead season, should be auditioning for their jobs. Just look at this effort from the offensive line after the play, just from the moment that the camera cuts back to the action.


10 SECONDS! It takes left tackle Eugene Monroe 10 seconds to walk 10 yards in the clip and get set in his formation. You couldn't even call that a brisk walk. I've seen mall walkers breeze that distance in a quarter of the time and most of them have bad hips.

Oh, but if it happened once, maybe we could forgive it as a anomaly from the offense.


Here is where as a fan or a former football player, you go crosseyed and fill with rage. Steve Smith is tackled after a big play with 24 seconds left on the clock. Senior, with four broken bones in his back runs back to the line of scrimmage, while we see Rich Gannon circle the screen and scream "These guys aren't even running!" And Gannon is right, look at the players jog back to the line of scrimmage and get set nearly 10 seconds after Senior was tackled.

By the time Flacco would take the snap and put the ball into the ground, the Ravens would be left with only 13 seconds left in the game to drive another 40 yards for a touchdown to win it. Keep in mind that they started the drive with over a minute on the clock and they have only run four plays by this point, two of which were incompletions that stopped the clock. For those at home doing the math, that means that two completions of 18 yards and 22 yards took just about 45 seconds off the clock in a game that the Ravens desperately needed to win.

Like I said earlier, I just don't know how players like Eugene Monroe flew back with the team and will likely still be a part of the squad after an effort like that. It's something a pee-wee football coach would be irate at, much less a professional football team where the players in question are making millions upon millions upon millions just this year alone.

I'm sure I'll have more to write about it shortly, but this might be the point where we see a team begin to give up on head coach John Harbaugh. It'll take a fire and brimstone approach from the head coach to scare the offending players back into a football mindset and away from just giving up all year long.