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4 players who need to walk in 2016

The Ravens are 1-5 and obviously their players have a lot to do with that. But there are 4 players who should not be brought back next season. Not necessarily because of their talent level, but because of their contract as well.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The picture above describes the Baltimore Ravens entire season. Obviously Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is not happy with the way things are going but some of that has to do with not only the lack of talent on this team, but effort as well.

There are talented players on the Ravens roster who seem to be lagging behind at times and against the San Francisco 49ers, it was very telling. This team has a lot more problems than just four players, but this list below plays their respective contract situations as a factor.

1.) Left guard Kelechi Osemele

Osemele is one of the best left guard guards in the NFL and he is currently in his last year of his rookie contract. But his lack of hustle on the final drive to help the Ravens save their season yesterday against the San Francisco 49ers is unacceptable.

Osemele wants to get paid for his talents. And rightfully so. But he can get paid somewhere else if he wants to be jogging like that with under 50 seconds left in the game.

Besides, the Ravens just gave right guard Marshal Yanda a new contract last week. I don't think it is wise to pay two guards top 10 money especially not with the Ravens current salary cap situation.

  • I would include left tackle Eugene Monroe to walk with Osemele as Monroe was jogging too and he hasn't exactly lived up to his contract since he was acquired via trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013. But Monroe's cap number in 2016 prohibits the Ravens from doing anything soon. And the Ravens are not flooded with talent at left tackle anyways.

2.) Cornerback Lardarius Webb

Webb is a talented corner WHEN HE IS HEALTHY. notice how I put those last four words in caps. Webb has not lived up to the 50 million dollar contract that was given to him by the Ravens during the 2012 season.

The Ravens managed to win the Super Bowl without Webb in 2012 which kind of makes Webb a little expendable at times.

With Webb, there have been times where he has been beat down the field but what cornerback hasn't? At the end of the day with Webb, sometimes the best ability is availability. Webb has not been available very much over the last couple of seasons. All while this secondary continues to get torched in the passing game by anyone who has a football in their hands.

Webb's cap number is 12 milllion next season and cutting him in the offseason would save 6 million in cap space and have a dead money amount of 6 million as well. However the Ravens go about that is their choice.

3.) Wide receiver Marlon Brown

Brown is a nice guy, but this experiment should be over. Some complain that the Ravens don't put Brown in the right positions like letting him play as a slot receiver against linebackers and smaller corners but I don't think any of those would work. Brown has regressed significantly since his 2013 rookie season when he led the Ravens in touchdown catches that year with seven. Brown hasn't caught a touchdown pass since 2013 either.

Brown can't get open. Sometimes it feels like the Ravens are playing 10 on 11 when he is out there. Brown is a very good run blocker, but that shouldn't be the best trait for a wide receiver on a team desperately looking for action out of that position outside of Steve Smith sr.

Through six games, Brown has 10 catches for 84 yards. Brown is a restricted free agent in 2016.

4.) Cornerback Shareece Wright

This is pretty much self-explanatory. The 49ers got rid of him less than 10 days ago when he was part of a secondary that was near the bottom of the NFL in passing yards allowed and didn't even suit up in a couple of those games.

What do the Ravens do? They sign him and the 49ers torch him to pieces as he got burned for a 76 yard touchdown in the first half by ironically former Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith and gets beat for another touchdown pass in the fourth quarter by falling down while guarding wide receiver Quinton Patton.

Football isn't that complicated people. You find a weakness and you exploit it. The 49ers did exactly that.

Wright's struggles weren't the only problem on this defense and they certainly won't be the only problem going forward. I just don't see a lot of progress being made with this acquisition.

Wright has a one year contract with the Ravens.