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Ravens QB Joe Flacco takes blame for loss vs San Francisco 49ers

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco takes the blame for the awful showing the entire team had against the San Francisco 49ers as the team continues to sink to a 1-5 record. This is probably the worst team in the NFL.  Flacco is the quarterback and he is getting paid well to be part of this team so he is obviously going to share some blame whether people like it or not as the entire Ravens organization is struggling to find answers to turn things around.

"It starts with me just not making those mistakes," Flacco noted via "We can’t afford to do that right now. We have to go play fundamental football and take care of the football...I didn’t play smart. We didn’t make a few plays here and there that could have [gotten] us going. They really put us in a hole and [we] weren’t able to quite climb out of it."

Flacco was mainly talking about his two interceptions on the day.

The first interception wasn't very good.

The second interception might have been the worst interception of Flacco's career. It looked like an interception out of frustration for not only how the game was going, but how the entire season has went.

It's Flacco's job to keep his composure and that was one of the rare times where it seemed like he didn't on that play.

Regardless of how this season goes, Flacco is going to throw a lot of interceptions this season. That's just the way it is going to be. Flacco doesn't have the weapons at wide receiver to play perfect football. He just doesn't.

Outside of of Steve Smith Sr., the Ravens don't have anyone at the wide receiver position who can get open on a consistent basis. Flacco is going to have to throw the ball in tight windows and some of those will result into a completion, and some will result in an interception.

While Flacco shares blame for the recent struggles, his wide receivers have to help him out too. I highly doubt he will be getting much help for the rest of the season.