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Boldin: 49ers "purposely targeted" Shareece Wright

The mismatch that did the Ravens in.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Saying that Shareece Wright got what was coming to him might just be an understatement.

Wright, the former 49er, was quite the thorn in the team's side. After being named inactive in the first three weeks of the season, Wright demanded that he either be released or traded. The Niners made the smart move by eating some dead money and releasing him, and perhaps that money paid off anyway in the form of today's game.

When the cornerback-needy Ravens picked up Wright, some speculated that he might bring some 'intel' with him. However, that turned out to be simple chatter. In reality, the most valuable intelligence actually belonged in the hands of the 49ers. So what top secret knowledge did the team possess?

They knew that Wright absolutely sucked, and used it to their advantage.

After being thrust into the game after Kyle Arrington went down with a leg injury in the first quarter, Wright was absolutely burnt to a crisp by the Niners' secondary today, and was responsible for the coverage on these two touchdowns.

That's ninety-seven yards and two touchdowns on just two plays.

During the game, I myself was pondering wether the Niners were actually targeting Wright, or if it was just a coincidence.

Thankfully, Anquan Boldin cleared things up for me.

I believe his weakness is pass coverage.

With the Ravens' secondary depth ever decreasing, this might not be the first time teams "target" Wright.