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Ravens Vs. 49ers Final Score: Defense Report Card

Another day in misery

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The defense, a pride for Baltimore fans now a state of misery to behold. The Ravens are once again without a capable secondary to stop receivers, and a powerhouse pass rush to mask the injury bug.

Guy: B+

Yes, I'm starting off with Lawrence Guy, whom helps fill the void of Chris Canty with great skill. With a total of five tackles and a sack he has 3 in 2 games. Catching Kaepernick is never easy.

Williams: A-

The highest grade I'll be giving this evening, and going to the most deserving man on the team. Brandon Williams is constantly fighting through double teams, and this nose tackle still fights hard. Teams are clearly scheming away from him. He only had 2 tackles (one for loss), but the Hulkster when on the field is doing everything in his power to change to tide of the game.

Mosley: B

No splash plays, but nothing huge given up. The Bruce Miller receptions weren't on him, but a lapse in coverage, and embarrassing coverage calls (COURTNEY UPSHAW IS NOT A COVERAGE LINEBACKER). A good but not amazing night.

D. Smith: B+

Daryl did a great job when on the blitz, and making 7 solo tackles this evening did his best to help the team. A couple lapses, but otherwise successful on the evening. This loss wasn't on the inside linebackers folks.

Hill: C

Will Hill can only do so much. An amazingly talented safety across the board, and the no safety help was supposed to be Kendrick Lewis dropping back deep. But the air attack proves he isn't superhuman.

Lewis: D

Terrible to be injured, and almost certainly an MCL or ACL tear after seeing the replay I hope his knee heals up successfully. And I'm kicking him while he is down that he missed tackles, missed coverages, and made the score lopsided in the 49ers favor.

J. Smith: C+

Jimmy did well in most coverage, and Anquan has helped make him the cornerback he is from their early times in Charm City. That means Anquan knows how to play Jimmy, and the big conversion was from Colin scrambling for 5 seconds and forcing Jimmy to cover much longer than you can ask a player to do.

Wright: F-

Torrey Smith is not a route-runner, but apparently he is against a player such as Shareece. A comeback route was never in T. Smith's wheelhouse, and that happened. Then, Torrey went streaking up the field and surprising absolutely nobody.... well, except Shareece. And then another by Quinton Patton cut Wright into the turf leading to another 49er touchdown. Dear goodness, if he's this bad, Tray Walker must be the worst if he can't even be on the field instead Wright.

Shoutouts to both Marshal Yanda and Kamar Aiken tying Brynden Trawick, Kendrick Lewis, Anthony Levine in tackles.


Shareece Wright earned a game ball for the San Francisco 49ers.