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Ravens Vs. 49ers Final Score: Offense Report Card

Good & Bad are both here

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The offense should have won this, and the stupid mistakes made by Joseph mixed with the tailbacks & play-calling brought about the Ravens demise.

Flacco: C

He made two terrible interceptions, but also put two touchdowns in the Steve Smith Sr. breadbasket. He threw in the clutch, and drove the offense down the field to claw back into it. But the interceptions haunted the team too much.

Forsett: D

I saw openings where he cut back the wrong way, and the yards weren't showing up on the turf. The offensive line didn't give him any absolute hand-outs, but under 4 YPC is not my happy place, and neither should it be for him either.

Smith Sr: B-

Dropping two passes in the endzone is the difference in almost any game, not just this Sunday. But this man is playing with 4 fractured ribs in his back. He shouldn't even be here! Yet 7 catches for 137 yards is crazy. This man is trying his damnedest to get this team to any victory possible.

Aiken: C

Without that catch you stole from Marlon Brown you would be seeing a stat-line of 2 catches, 19 yards. Get open, because you not being able to translate to a decent #2 receiver is killing SSSr.

Other Receivers: D

Marlon & Givens COMBINE for 3 catches, 27 yards.

Williams & Gillmore: C

Obviously the injury is hankering his ability, but these linebackers are terrible in coverage. Exploiting them would be key, yet the damage was mild.

Offensive Line: B

Flacco didn't receive a single sack and Flacco dropped back 53 times. That there is great pass protection. The holes for the run game weren't there though, and because of that the line doesn't receive an A grade. But nonetheless I am not upset on their job

This loss is on Flacco, Smith Sr.'s two endzone drops, and every other receiver not doing much of anything. This team needs weapons, and nobody can take the next step to help their squad perform.