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Ravens vs 49ers: RB Justin Forsett plans to play

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Much like wide receiver Steve Smith Sr., running back Justin Forsett isn't letting an injury keep him out of an important game. Both veterans know that the team and in reality, the season, is hanging in the balance and need them. Despite having what is expected to be an ankle sprain, Justin Forsett will be testing his ankle prior to the game, but is expected to actually play.

Now, let's be honest. Even if Forsett tests the ankle out and finds it to be fine, I would expect rookie running back Javorius Allen to at least split reps with the journeyman rusher as to not incur a more serious injury. Much like Senior, Forsett might even be used as a decoy in some situations as defenses will fear him a lot more than his replacement.

One thing that Forsett brings to the table that his backups don't really have at this time is the ability to pass block. It might not seem like a lot, but I can promise you that quarterback Joe Flacco will be looking down field a lot more with Forsett in the lineup than he will be with a rookie expected to stop a 270-pound linebacker rushing at his face with the intent to hurt him.

Just like a said about Steve Smith Sr., I hope that however many snaps that Forsett plays today, if any, he comes out of the game just as healthy as he entered it.