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Fans in the state of Maryland are not having fun right now

The Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles and the Maryland Terrapins football team are all having a rough end to the year in 2015. All while their rivals are having a good time. When will it end?

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of spring of this year, it has been a horrible end to 2015 for Baltimore Ravens fans, Baltimore Orioles fans and Maryland Terrapins football fans.

The Ravens are 1-4, the Orioles missed the playoffs and ended the season with a 81-81 record and the Terps football team just witnessed their head coach get fired and currently have a 2-4 record.

Not only are the Ravens, Orioles and Terps horrible, their enemies are having a good year and it doesn't seem to stop. Opposing fans are even worse.

If you are a Ravens fan, you have to deal with:

If you are a Orioles fan, you have to deal with:

  • New York Yankees fans
  • Boston Red Sox fans
  • Toronto Blue Jays fans
  • Kansas City Royals fans (Due to the bad blood from the ALCS last year)

If you are a Terps fan, you have to deal with:

  • Ohio State Buckeyes fans
  • Michigan State Spartans fans
  • Wisconsin Badgers fans
  • Penn State Nittany Lions fans
  • West Virginia Mountaineers fans
  • Indiana Hoosiers fans
  • Duke Blue Devils fans
  • North Carolina Tar Heels fans
  • Virginia Cavaliers fans
  • Florida State Seminoles fans
  • North Carolina State Wolfpack fans


  • I didn't include Tampa Bay Rays fans for the Orioles because there are not enough Rays fans to bother anyone.
  • Just because the Terps are no longer in the ACC doesn't mean that the trolling stops.
  • If you are a combination of a Washington Redskins fan, Orioles fan and a Terps fan you still don't have it good either.

Why have Maryland fans been cursed to deal with most of the annoying fan bases in almost all of sports? Why? When will it end? It's bad enough that 15 out of the 20 teams above win a lot of important games (except for the Bengals, Browns, Hoosiers, Mountaineers and Nittany Lions).

Division changes are not happening anytime soon.

The only hope is for the Ravens, Orioles and Terps to start winning. And win now.

If anyone believes that the opposing fan bases that Maryland Sports fans have to deal with are not the worst collective group in the country, I dare you to find one that is worse. I can't think of any.

Not all of the opposing fans are bad, just a good number of them. It's just a game. Have fun.

Go Ravens. Go Orioles. Go Terps.