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Guard Marshal Yanda happy to be a Raven for life

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

In only 20 seasons as a franchise, the Ravens have garnered respect from fans and from around the league as an organization with it's head on straight. While few fans could be happy about how this season is going, few could complain about how the Ravens as a whole treat their fans, their staff and their players. With the announcement that the Ravens have extended guard Marshal Yanda through the 2019 NFL season, it looks like they have yet another Raven player for life.

Under the salary cap and free agency, it is rare for a team to have a player from the moment of drafting them through to the end of their career. This is even more rare for players that are at the top of their position on a team that is consistently in conversation for a championship. Yet, much like Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden before him, Marshal Yanda appears to be another in a long line of players that belong in the Ravens' family.

Yanda was ecstatic to hear the news that the Ravens gave him an extension.

My family and I are very excited to stay with such an incredible organization," Yanda stated. "We feel fortunate to have reached an extension, and I look forward to carrying on the Baltimore Ravens’ great tradition. Hopefully, I will finish my career as a Raven.

I doubt there are any fans complaining about the move as Yanda has been among the best linemen during his time in the league and has had talks about his career ending as a Hall of Fame one. The nine-year veteran has played in 120 games during his career, making him third among offensive linemen in Ravens history, under Jonathan Ogden (177) and Mike Flynn (133).

Congratulations to Marshal Yanda and the Ravens organization for yet again taking care of one of their own.