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Triple threat of tight ends top PFF rankings

Crockett Gillmore and both rookies Nick Boyle & Maxx Williams are a bright spot

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

WIth the franchise at its worst in history the fans clearly are not happy. Negativity is hard to avoid, but a silver lining in this injury filled season is shining. Both Nick Boyle & Maxx Williams are playing well, and they are only continuing a good string of games, regardless of the outcome.

In fact all three tight ends for the Baltimore Ravens look great, unfortunately Crockett Gillmore has been sidelined due to injury. But like I said, this is about the good side of everything, and I'll be keeping it that way.

PFF rankings for the tight ends have all three of Baltimore's own in the top 13. Maxx Williams the third ranked tight end in the league sitting behind AFC competitors Tyler Eifert and the one man wrecking crew Rob Gronkowski himself. But more than anything Crockett Gillmore sits just outside of the top ten list although missing two games. Bringing up the pack is Nick Boyle at 13.


Maxx Williams: 4.4 Overall | .9 Receiving | .3 Pass Blocking | 2.2 Run Blocking

Expected to be a receiving threat Maxx Williams flipped the script and became an established run blocking talent worthy of a number three ranking in the National Football League. It's only five weeks into his career, but being above known players Delanie Walker, Vernon Davis, and Greg Olsen is a huge plus with blocking talents.

Crockett Gillmore: 1.8 Overall | 1.1 Receiving | .0 Pass Blocking | 1.2 Run Blocking

Missing two games Crockett Gillmore is still ranked 13th as a receiving tight end. Knowing how dominant Gillmore was in those first three games only proves he'd be top ten for certain if the calf wasn't hurting for the Rockett. No pass blocking because he was the receiving threat every time. At 6'7" of course he should be good at run blocking and he is. Top ten in fact.

Nick Boyle: .9 Overall | 1.0 Receiving | .9 Pass Blocking | -.4 Run Blocking

The only negative mark to see is the negative run blocking. Very surprising as Maxx and Nick swapped talents and expectations. Everyone saw as Boyle was bigger and looked to be a blocking threat, but with only five games under his belt expect it to be better down the stretch. The receiving talent is apparent. Nick Boyle has made huge catches while defenders are drapped around him.

The young guns:

Both are fresh into their rookie debut, and with a massively struggling team with some questionable play-calling and frustrated fans its exciting to see Joe having some tight end weapons with Pitta gone. Between these two and Gillmore the team will be amazing down the road.


Nick Boyle: 8 catches, 58 yards

Maxx Williams: 8 catches 84 yards

Crockett Gillmore: 10 catches, 151 yards, 2 TD's

These will only progress for all three talents. Nobody is anywhere near their peak. And if the Ravens ever have a top 30 receiver they will crush expectations.