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Ravens Roster Moves: Ravens add RB Akeem Hunt

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the noise has come from the Baltimore Ravens putting running back Lorenzo Taliaferro on injured reserve and grabbing undrafted free agent Raheem Mostert to help fill the void. However, with starting running back Lorenzo Taliaferro sitting on the injury report for Wednesday, the Ravens pulled in another running back to help lighten the load.

Akeem Hunt is the guy that the Ravens added to the mix, joining his Purdue brother Mostert on the Ravens roster.

Much like Mostert, Hunt went undrafted and was picked up by a team. Originally signed as a rookie free agent by the New York Giants in May, he logged no snaps in the regular season. Again, much like his fellow coworker Mostert, Hunt is a returner primarily. He was able to put together a 70-yard return during the preseason against the Bengals, showing off his speed.

He got limited chances to put the ball in his hands during the preseason for the Giants, but on 12 rushing attempts, he gained 53 yards. On only 2 receptions, he had 9 yards, but no touchdowns in any of his preseason games.

It is a guess as to where Mostert and Hunt will fit into the depth chart or what the picking up of two rushers means for the health of Justin Forsett, but as we know more, we'll put it up here.