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Ravens have the third pick in the 2016 NFL Draft right now

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If the 2016 NFL Draft were to start right this minute, with the records that everyone has, the top-10 teams would be a mix that have few surprises. One of the largest surprises is that the Baltimore Ravens make an appearance in the top-10.

Currently sitting at 1-4 on the season, it gives the Ravens the third overall pick in the NFL Draft, something the Ravens have not seen in quite a long time. The last time the Ravens had a selection in the top-10, they selected linebacker Terrell Suggs in the 2003 NFL Draft. The previous time they selected that high was 2000 when they grabbed running back Jamal Lewis with the fifth overall pick. The closest the Ravens have ever come to selecting at the third overall spot was back in 1996 with offensive tackle and Hall of Fame player Jonathan Ogden and in 1997 with linebacker Peter Boulware.

Now a lot of football is still yet to be played and the Ravens could slide all the way down to the first spot or find themselves holding a Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year and sitting at the 32nd overall pick. However, if the Ravens were to select today, they would have a wealth of players to fit various needs. Some of the guys to keep an eye on as of right now based on the Ravens' current needs are the following:

Joey Bosa - Defensive End

Jalen Ramsey - Cornerback

Laremy Tunsil - Offensive Tackle

Ronnie Staley - Offensive Tackle

Jaylon Smith - Outside Linebacker

Vernon Hargreaves - Cornerback

Mike Williams - Wide Receiver

Laquon Treadwell - Wide Receiver

The last few times the Ravens have had a high pick, they have selected some serious firepower. We always want the Ravens to win, but it'd be interesting to see what this team could do with a high first round draft pick in their hands.