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Ravens Browns Final Score: Defensive Report Card

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in the NFL season. And it's another week in which the Baltimore Ravens defense plays like they are stealing checks.

It's just amazing how this defense held Peyton Manning to zero touchdowns in week 1 and they turned into a mess ever since that game. Allowing over 450 passing yards to a Josh McCown or any other quarterback is unacceptable. There's a standard set in Baltimore with defense. It's a shame what this defense has turned into.

Defensive Line: B-

The run defense for the Ravens has usually been pretty good. They were good once again against the Browns until the late stages of the game where they got tired. Defensive end Lawrence Guy had two sacks and the defense overall had four sacks on the day. The other two sacks were by defensive tackle Brandon Williams and defensive end Timmy Jernigan.

Outside Linebackers: F

Neutral zone infractions by Jason Babin and Za'Darius Smith were costly. When Elvis Dumervil went down with an injury, it was only a matter of time where the outside linebackers would be exposed with the way McCown was throwing the ball.

Fans have been waiting for Babin to play in important spots and he finally did. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good.

Oh and by the way, someone needs to tell the Ravens defensive coaching staff that playing Courtney Upshaw in coverage is never a good idea.

Inside Linebackers: F

Starting inside linebacker Daryl Smith had 12 tackles but almost all of them were down the field. Pro Bowl inside linebacker C.J. Mosley might have had his worst game as a pro. No inside linebacker could cover Browns tight end Gary Barnidge eight catches for 139 yards and a touchdown. In one on one situations, Mosley just could not cover Barnidge. It was awful all around.

It's hard to cover tight ends in this league, but the performance by the Ravens inside linebackers was just next level awful.

Cornerbacks: F

Another week and another pathetic display for the Ravens secondary. Even though Lardarius Webb and Will Davis were both injured in the game, there's no excuse to lack technique every single week. It feels like any wide receiver can juke a Ravens cornerback out of their shoes.

Jimmy Smith may have played the best out of all of the corners, but he couldn't save this F. Kyle Arrington hasn't shown much of anything meaningful since he signed with the Ravens.

It makes people wonder if players actually study film.

Safeties: F

Same deal as the cornerbacks. Does anybody in the Ravens secondary study film? At all? Obviously they do study film but it does make people question what they are seeing when they study. Will Hill and Kendrick Lewis just freelance wherever they please at times and it is costing the Ravens secondary.

There are countless of times where Ravens cornerbacks are expecting safety help over the top but they never get it. The safeties tend to lurk on the other side of the field or they bite on the short routes forgetting they are the last line on the defense.

Overall: F

This Ravens defense is nothing like we have seen in quite some time. Entering the season, there were a lot of questions on the offensive side of the ball and everyone figured that the defense would get better and hold its own. Nearly the opposite has occurred and it doesn't look like it is going to get better anytime soon.