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Shareece Wright: Scouting report

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens added another cornerback in Shareece Wright Monday evening. No surprise as the Ravens were low on defensive backs and even lower on corners that they felt comfortable putting into the game. However, Wright has yet to play this season as the San Francisco 49ers kept him inactive for each game so far in 2015. That means, we haven't really seen what Wright brings to the table, so we sat down with our fellow SB Nation colleagues to see what they felt about the 28 year old cornerback.

David Fucillo - Niners Nation

Hey, it was pretty odd. He signed a deal with decent guaranteed money (a $1.5M signing bonus). He was getting first team reps into the preseason, but then the 49ers started rotating in younger guys at his corner spot. Three different guys split reps, with one of them claiming the job. Wright still made the roster, but he was inactive the first four games.

In Week 3, 10 minutes before inactive were announced, he tweeted and then deleted "Politics as usual". The next day, Ian Rapoport reported that Wright was seeking a trade or release. The team released him this past Saturday, eating $2.6 million in dead money.

He was awful in 2014 for San Diego, and admitted as much to 49ers media. The 49ers saw something in him, then I guess realized they were wrong.

John Gennaro - Bolts From The Blue

Shareece Wright is....well, he's a bit like a AAAA player in baseball. Not quite good enough to be a starter, but probably too good to be a backup (and pretty terrible in the slot as the nickel CB).

He had his occasional good moments with the Chargers, but the more he was on the field the more he negatively impacted the team and the game.

If he's your 4th CB? He's fantastic. Anything higher than that and you're asking for trouble.

So there you have it. The Ravens picked up an extra defensive back, but neither the Chargers or Niners felt very good about him as a player. Maybe a new location and some cold air will help him be the corner that has yet to materialize for either team thus far.