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Promoting From Within: Who do Ravens call up from the practice squad?

With Will Davis going down, and other Ravens injured, who is going to step up?

Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

So you're Ozzie Newsome, and your new acquisition, CB Will Davis just went down for the year with a torn ACL. Three other cornerbacks, Lardarius Webb, Kyle Arrington, and Rashaan Melvin were also all hurt in one way or another in this week's contest. That leaves you with one totally healthy cornerback, the rookie Tray Walker. Even without all of the injuries, it's clear that your secondary needs some help.

What do you do?

With the Ravens having the least active cap space in the league, it's pretty unlikely that you would bring in a free agent.

That leaves you one option, promoting from within.

So who is receiving the promotion? Here are the scouting reports.Asa Jackson: Oh Asa. Hello darkness my old friend, we meet again. Jackson, the team's fifth round selection in 2012, has been a total bust. He's been a liability in the secondary, and whenever he lines up against someone, I am scared. As a returner, he was capable of busting a big return, and did so quite a few times in the preseason. Unfortunately, those returns were marred by fumbles. He didn't stick around in Baltimore, and was released this offseason as one of the many cuts to trim the roster. He was claimed by the New York Giants, and was then promptly released two days later. The Ravens then picked him up again four days later, and has since been a member of the practice squad.

  • Charles James: The 'Hard Knocks' wunderkind, a fan-favorite, sock afficiando, and all-around cool dude. He won over fans and coaches with his dedication, uniqueness, and his 73-yard TD run. We don't really know much about how James can play, considering he has only 12 NFL games under his belt, and has four tackles in those games.
Conclusion: The season is essentially a lost cause. Sign James to the active roster for kicks and giggles because socks.

Go knock some socks off in Baltimore, Charles.