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The Ravens have found their kick returner (and maybe more) in Jeremy Ross

Contributors can come from the most unexpected places.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

When the Ravens signed Jeremy Ross, an outcast who really wasn't known for much more than his return abilities, no one really expected much. He might make his way onto the roster, he might not, either way, he won't be a difference maker. That was the general thought surrounding Ross in Baltimore.

However, with injuries to the Ravens' only returners, Steve Smith, Sr. and Michael Campanaro, Ross was thrust into action and was signed off the practice squad to play in this week's contest.

"Any practice squad guy will tell you that they want to be out there, they want to play the games," Ross said. "I was one of those guys, and I definitely wanted to play."

It was no secret that Ross intended to make the best of his opportunity, and he certainly did. His 27.2 yards per kick return, a big return for 46 yards, and a 17-yard punt return likely solidified his place on the active roster.

For Ravens fans, this may be just a sampling of what Ross can do for the team. Take a look at his legendary game in which he scored on both kickoff and punt returns.

Even though he has only 405 career receiving yards, Ross can also make an impact in the receiving game. He had two catches this Sunday for 24 yards, including a key first down grab. It's surprising that he didn't see the ball more, considering he was one of only five active receivers.

When he does get the ball, he can do stuff like this.

With the lack of depth at receiver, it's the perfect opportunity for Ross to make his mark. He is very hungry for success too.

"As a competitor, you want to be the guy to make plays for the team, so that's definitely my nature," Ross said. "I'll be whoever I need to be for this team."

One thing is for sure. You'll be seeing a lot more of Jeremy Ross pretty soon.