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John Harbaugh: "Coaches are doing a good job"

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Now that you'd clicked on this and likely commented already telling Harbaugh that he's a liar, let's take a minute to read what is going on. Asked during Monday's afternoon presser, John Harbaugh was asked if the Ravens would begin looking at making any coaching changes.

A lot of fans have been calling for them, and even some of the writers here on Baltimore Beatdown have made mention of certain coordinators needing to head out of town. Yet Harbaugh was pretty staunch in his answer when asked.

Coaches are doing a good job

And you can tell by the way he said it that he honestly believes it too. While the Ravens have made an effort to not let injuries be an excuse for them this season, you can't help but look at how both sides of the football have been affected so far. Losses to pass rushers, cornerbacks, linemen, running backs, and wide receivers have left both the offense and defense scrambling for replacements and hoping that young players can step up and provide what their veteran counterparts were expected to do.

It is easy to blame the coaching and yes there are things that all the Baltimore Ravens coaches need to do better, the problem for the Ravens is far from solely a coaching one. Penalties, injuries, poor performance and even the ball bouncing the wrong way have all kept the Ravens from reaching the win column a few times this season. Look no further than the fact that all of the Ravens losses have been by six points or under. Harbaugh put it best.

It's tough challenges we are facing but we've got the right men for the job.